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Mission Statement

We install quality residential fencing at a reasonable price that will endure the test of time. We provide our clients with excellent customer service so that they will always be our clients and will refer us to all of their friends and family.


In September 2002, Chuck Prince left his internal audit position with a major medical facility to establish Prince's Fences. Despite having no previous fence installation experience, he was determined to be successful. His first customers were aware of his lack of experience, but believed in him as a person. Within six months, his business had grown to the point that it was a full-time job. Over the next 3 1/2 years, Chuck was mastering his craft and working alone. However, in July 2006, there were just too many customers for one person, so Prince's Fences hired its first employees. With the housing market in "full swing," business was booming. However, in the summer of 2008, the economy took a significant down-turn and the new-housing market practically stopped, which was our primary market. We quickly adjusted with an intense marketing campaign and expanded our types of fences. Prince's Fences growth has been tremendous over the last several years, with a 20% growth rate or more each year and current annual revenues in excess of $1.6M. We expect our business to continue to prosper and hope that you may be part of that growth as one of our satisfied clients.

Thank you,
Chuck Prince

We Meet Your Needs

We take the time to determine the purpose of the fence & what are you accomplishing by installing it?
(1) Do you have children/pets to contain,
(2) Are you creating a barrier to prevent entry into your yard, or
(3) Are you creating privacy for your yard, etc?

We do not oversell you with options that do not match your needs, but we want to ensure that your needs are met.
Prince's Fences Team
We Serve a 30 Mile Radius from Nashville, TN