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Man Building Fence in Antioch, TN
Man Repair Fence Frame in Antioch, TN
When you're looking for an expert to install your new wood fence, look no further than Princes Fences. From privacy to picket to farm fences, we can construct any design or style. Additionally, we go the extra mile by using superior gates and screwing the runners to the posts. Such additional steps ensure that your fence stands the test of time. Our previous fences are one of our best forms of advertising.

Superior Gates

Metal Driveway Gate in Antioch, TN
6X6 Posts
All gates (for fences 6 ft or taller) are supported by a 6x6 post that is approximately 30" in the ground. The larger post is naturally stronger and less susceptible to warping.
Wooden Gate on Metal Frames in Antioch, TN
Metal Frames
Our gates hinge on a metal frame to prevent warping and uneven drying. This frame is not visible from the outside of the fence and does not distract from the appearance.
Iron Latch on Wood Gate in Antioch, TN
All latches are attached directly to the gate frame (as opposed to the pickets only) for added strength. Additionally, the latches may be locked from the inside without the use of a pad-lock.

Rails Screwed the Posts

Each horizontal rail is attached to the posts with deck screws instead of nails. Naturally, a screw will always be stronger than a nail of the same size. This process requires additional time, but that is how we would build our fence.

Installation Standards

Rails are attached with four deck screws
Pickets are attached with 2 3/8" hot-dipped, ring-shanked galvanized nails (2 nails/rail)

Post depth (in concrete) and # of rails
  • 17" & 2 rails for 4' tall
  • 22" & 3 rails for 6' tall
  • 27" & 4 rails for 8' tall
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